We are unique in that we organically grew a highly successful business and continue to keep and grow that same business while sharing our past knowledge, current and best practices and ongoing in-the-field training with entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders that are like minded.

The saying “It’s lonely at the top” is so true. By partnering with PRISM, you will have new-found friends to help mentor, guide and assist you in resolving problems and moving you closer to your goals and dreams.

While each contract we take is uniquely designed for each client’s specifications and specific business ideas, plans and goals, the following is a general menu of services provided. 

  • Build & Brand – This appeals to companies that are brand new, have a vision and a general business plan and are ready to launch. We will partner with you to map out a game plan with a very clear path and tangible end results each step of the way.
  • Diversify & Stabilize – This appeals companies whose cash flow is up and down on a regular basis because of the goods/services they provide and the way they are spending their resources.  We can help you analyze your business practices, your clientele, where you are spending your dollars and your efficiencies to come up with practical, measurable concepts to add diversification and balance the company’s cash flow.
  • Re-Build & Re-brand – This appeals to companies that had a great business plan but it never really got off the ground successfully. These companies are in need of a face lift and to shed what doesn’t work in favor of what will work.

We can help you turn your hard work and investment into profit on the bottom line!