Does getting everything you need to get done in a day feel overwhelming? Do you sometimes feel that you are actually going backward instead of forward?

Take a look at the environment you work in.  If you do not manage your time well, the level of success you can achieve is limited.  Implement time management tools to increase productivity, reduce stress and begin your new journey to success you’ve always dreamed of!


Jane Schulte, COO of PRISM, wrote a book titled WORK SMART, Not Hard! Organizational Tips and Tools That Will Change Your Life! Concepts in the book were developed throughout the course of Jane's 25 year career and she now lives by them daily. Jane enjoys sharing with others these time-tested tools that are simple yet very effective.


Would you like to learn about the WORK SMART tools in an individualized format?

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The following video is a description of how to use the PEND system, created by Jane Schulte: